I prefer certain things in my life to be white: rice, teeth, iPhones, men. But ever The Practical Fashionista, I don’t own any white or cream-colored dresses, trousers or shorts. They would be too difficult to keep clean, and dry cleaning soon turns bright white a dingy yellow or dishwater gray. (C’mon, how many run-of-the-mill local dry cleaners truthfully change the solvent as often as they should?)

However, IF I did have some major bucks, I might have broken down and shelled out for this Valentino frock I saw at the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue store last month.

A vision in white: Valentino at Saks

I love its simple silhouette, flattering Empire waist, and effortless, elegant draping.

Side view of the draping

That’s not the end of the story, though. I later read some reviews on; it seems the extra fabric on the side is actually rather heavy and makes wearing the dress a bit uncomfortable. Hmm, not sold…

By the way, random thought (and I have many of these, in case you were wondering): the mannequin reminded me of Brancusi’s Sleeping Muse and Bird In Space.

Constantin Brancusi, The Sleeping Muse, 1910

Constantin Brancusi, Bird In Space, 1932-1940


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