Oct 1981_1
July 26, 2011

Make Your Marc

I returned to DC several days ago, just in time for the heat wave blasting straight from Hades itself. I wasn’t off exploring a faraway, exotic locale. No, I drove to the Philly ‘burbs for a pathetically short visit to my mom’s house to celebrate her 70th birthday. I figured this trip would also be the perfect opportunity to flip through old photo albums and reminisce. And I packed my scanner so I could capture some choice images for this blog. Here’s one from 1981:

Yours truly at 8 years old

Don’t ask me what I’m doing with my eyes, or why I’m just standing there in our old family room with my mom’s overflowing collection of African violets in the background. (And is this the exact color palette of the Brady Bunch series or what?) Instead, take note of how Marc by Marc Jacobs my outfit is! Now the designer has taken some knocks lately with critics declaring that his brand has lost its cool cachet and any semblance of consistency. But I still appreciate his quirky yet accessible clothes, most of which are sadly out of my price range without the help of a killer sale. So in honor of MJ, here are two updated interpretations of my original childhood outfit:

Option #1) Marc by Marc Jacobs Meredith sweater dress

Meredith cotton sweater dress, Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear

Option #2) Marc by Marc Jacobs Holly Sea Scout wool-blend sweater tucked into this Louis Vuitton leather circle skirt.

Holly Sea Scout sweater, Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear (I think)

Fifties-inspired look by Louis Vuitton (with Marc Jacobs as Creative Director), Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear












I think I’m always initially surprised—and then not surprised at all—that everything in fashion eventually comes full circle. What’s especially inspiring for me, though, is observing how women put their own spin on a runway look. There are a million ways to make Marc your own. Cheers!