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A few of the kookier looks from “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier” exhibition:

Sinewy Ropes

Both dresses are from the Cages collection, haute couture fall/winter 2008-2009. On the left: “Ramage dress.” Embroidered duchess satin dress with silk velvet underskirt. On the right: “Calligraphie” gown. Long silk satin and lace “cage” over sequined chiffon and lace sheath.

Bond Girls and a Green Maiden

The mannequins on the left and right look like Bond Girl outfits to me. The center one in green, though, yikes–it’s like a comforter and a shower cap.

Girl on Film

“Etoiles et toiles” gown. Movie Stars collection, haute couture fall/winter 2009-2010. Corset edged in satin and covered in acetate film; crepe georgette sheath skirt in film-stock print.

Cat Lady

“Leopard skin” beaded gown with rhinestone “claws.” Russia collection, haute couture fall/winter 1997-1998. Taffetta gown embroidered with beads and rhinestones. Time needed to create: 1006 hours.

Detail of claw.

Coming up next: I’ll swing the pendulum back towards some more wearable styles from Gaultier


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