November 4, 2012

Pink Wrapped

People, it’s almost Election Day! Can you believe it? According to most polls, it’s still too close to call. How is that even possible? I won’t divulge my allegiances here but geez, I hope you can make a pretty good guess. For this post, I’m gonna dodge politics altogether in favor of featuring a gift I recently bought for my dearest friend. (Bear with me—it ties in at the end.)

You see, I’ve been obsessed with bright pink lately. No, I’m not taking a cue from the First Lady and the Wannabe who both wore fuchsia to the second presidential debate. As I laid out my case last year, the color just makes me happy. So I figured, what better color to wrap a present for a birthday party?

The gift box from Anthropologie.

Lots of pink tissue paper concealing the contents.

Unfurling the paper reveals a hint.

Ta-da! A small bowl made in Japan, perfect for ice cream, nuts, etc. I included a set of four.

A ribbon runs through it: a matching card and scented candle.

All set to party! Gift wrap from Paper Source.

Proper topper: some decorative Japanese tape and a flower attached with a dollop of clear glue.

Color-coordinated pair.

My friend loved the pink-themed presentation, which I believe gives my previous winning effort a run for its money:

Pretty pleased with my hostess gift for a garden party earlier this summer.

Which one is better? It’s really too close to call.


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