I’m at a loss. I really don’t know how things got to this point. I mean, this might warrant an intervention.

What’s the crisis, you ask?

[Deep breath.]

I am three months behind reading Vogue.

You’re aghast, right? Yes, I hang my head in shame and should forfeit my fashionista card. Here’s the ugly (or pretty?) truth: April 2013 with Michelle Obama and her toned deltoids is collecting dust on my nightstand, while the month of May with cute-as-a-button Carey Mulligan sits untouched in my dining room. But this past weekend, I decided enough was enough! I just had to start down the road to redemption by tackling March.

B’Day: finally time to enjoy Vogue, March 2013.

I got nestled on my sofa with the 618-page tome and started flipping pages.

That’s when I saw this ad:

Knockout color punch: beautiful powdery pattern and texture on the Fendi jacket.

For whatever reason, the vibrant spray of colors anchored by black caught my eye. And then I kept noticing the same palette repeated throughout the issue:

Similar color mix: illustration for the The Academy of Art University.

No shrinking violet: painterly brushstrokes in this Escada ad.

A sight for bored eyes: stunning Proenza Schouler dress embellished with grommets and paillettes.

Visual feast: a sumptuous flower and home d├ęcor shop in Paris.

The bright pastel combo wasn’t limited to Anna Wintour’s fashion bible. Look at the latest cover of Runner’s World:

Powder power: celebrating the Color Run 5K series.

Apparently, Vogue‘s June issue is coming out any minute with blond bombshell Kate Upton on the cover. You know what that means, right? I’ll still be three months behind. But since my savvy color observation didn’t register on any of the spring trend reports, maybe I’m actually ahead of the curve!