I turned 40 years old on Day Two of our Canadian adventure. Check out our memorable, jam-packed journey downtown…


Here’s my latest recap of our great Gotham getaway. It wasn’t any old day, though. I got to visit the 9/11 Memorial, Battery Park and Brooklyn all for the first time. And it was my sixth (!) anniversary with Andrew…

nyc 2_15

Ooh yesss, the Upper East Side—I’ve watched too many episodes of “Selling New York” to remain ignorant of this insanely affluent neighborhood. The land of Pilates-toned ladies-who-don’t-eat-anything-at-lunch…


Sometimes, you just gotta get the hell out of Dodge. With the new house and all, Andrew and I didn’t take a real vacation last year. But we soon discovered that no matter how much we love our home, it still has the power to induce stifling cabin fever. So in the spirit of “absence […]


I’m at a loss. I really don’t know how things got to this point. I mean, this might warrant an intervention. What’s the crisis, you ask?

photo 4

Ideas have been simmering in my head for awhile, and I’ve finally put together all the pieces. They’re visual associations I’ve made from things I’ve observed over the past few months. Think of them as random musings to kick off the new year.


I hope y’all enjoyed your Thanksgiving! While Andrew stayed back in Virginia nursing a throbbing tooth ache and downing painkillers, I went ahead and spent the holiday at my mom’s lovely home in Pennsylvania. She has a sofa in her formal living room that my DIY-loving dad reupholstered himself in fine wale corduroy almost forty years […]