Bonjour, tout le monde! I am writing this post as a newly-minted forty-year-old. Exciting, right!? To celebrate my birthday—and a rare opportunity to take a second vacation in one year—Andrew and I recently traveled to Montreal and Quebec City.

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Last Sunday brought the coolest, crispest weather to the DC area. But it was rainy too–a perfect day to hunker down at home, make comfort food, do laundry, write a little, and watch football. I also thought it was about time to spruce up the bulletin board in my home office…

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I was inspired to write this post after a friend on Facebook announced that she had recently lost several pounds and was able to go shopping in her own closet. She could now gleefully fit into a bunch of once-forgotten, barely-worn clothes, automatically expanding her wardrobe options–all without spending a dime. What a great concept! […]

marchesa 2012 rtw

You know, I so wish I could tag this post as part of the “What’s In My Wardrobe” category. Instead, it stubbornly resides in “Aspirations” with no real hope of crossing over. Unlike last year, I didn’t have a chance (or, honestly, the motivation) to parse the Fall 2012 Collections…


During the whirlwind that was our home purchase back in February, one thing that we ended up sacrificing was a real summer vacation this year. And when I say real, what I mean is beach. The scent of saltwater mixed with Coppertone…

photo 13

…I still wanted to acknowledge America’s birthday at least in a small way on this blog, so I decided to go with images of my favorite things right now that are red, white, and blue.


I’ve always loved holly as a symbol of the yuletide season. (Maybe it’s because we had a lot of holly bushes around the house where I grew up.) The shiny, scalloped green leaves and eye-catching red berries look so festive when dusted with white snow…


I loved the look of this red-berried tree against the powder blue sky…


I started this blog almost six months ago, and it dawned on me that perhaps at this point, you’re wondering if I actually practice what I preach. Do I really wear what I write about?


This morning, as I was packing for my trip up to Philly for Thanksgiving, it hit me that the contents of my little suitcase were very colorful and true to my Practical Fashionista ethos…