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Antwerp is famous for diamonds, art, and more recently—thanks to the Antwerp 6—cutting-edge fashion. The medieval port city is a lot like the best style icons who mix vintage treasures with modern pieces to emerge as the arbiter of Cool (think Kate Moss)…

agl in nyc

Like a busy little squirrel stashing away nuts, I’ve been planning on how to hunker down and bundle up in great big swaths of gray all winter long. Well, mostly gray with a shot of black and white thrown in…


With autumn just around the corner, you might assume I went hog-wild fall fashion shopping in New York. Well, reality bites. I actually ended up buying a handful of cool souvenirs—and had only one momentary lapse of reason.

Sunkist orange accents for a sunkissed summer: Tory Burch sunglasses, Nixon watch, J.Crew palm tree tee.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is holding a retrospective of the late African-American fashion designer Patrick Kelly. As part of a recent trip to my mom’s house in the Philly ‘burbs, I traveled downtown to check it out. I’m so very glad I did!


Newsflash! Patagonia has become retro-cool. It’s no longer just for dirt bags who go ice climbing in Norway without showering for days. According to a recent New York Times Style article, it “has become the outdoorsy label of choice for the stylish set…”

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Ooh yesss, the Upper East Side—I’ve watched too many episodes of “Selling New York” to remain ignorant of this insanely affluent neighborhood. The land of Pilates-toned ladies-who-don’t-eat-anything-at-lunch…


I’m at a loss. I really don’t know how things got to this point. I mean, this might warrant an intervention. What’s the crisis, you ask?


Miraculously, the nightmarish memories from my epic search for fall shoes in 2011 didn’t deter me from jumping back into the fray this spring. My new quest? Find a pair of classy, comfortable, nude-colored flats to carry me through the summer…


A recent style article in the New York Times said it best: “There is something about chirping birds that makes us want to say goodbye to earth tones.” In case you’re one of the, umm, six women on earth who wants to cling to the depressing ochre, umber and sienna…