I had a hate-hate relationship with the color navy for the longest time. Back in college, I bought a dowdy navy suit for a job interview. It didn’t help that I paired it with navy pumps which made me look very stewardess-meets-Murphy-Brown. Navy always seemed too difficult and annoying to match. While its hex triplet […]


I’ve found that with blouses and button-downs, it’s very tricky to get the proper fit—you gotta worry about the bust, waist, shoulders and sleeve length being just so. And even with a little stretch thrown into the fabric mix, I still feel constricted, like I’m gonna pop a button even though I have only a […]


Nope, this post is not about apples, onions, curry or tea. It’s not about the Lantern, Hornet or Acres. And not about Eva, Seth or Al. It’s about green, the color. Since I recently wrote an ode to pink, I naturally owe one to its preppy complement. It just so happens that the Textile Museum […]


Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got… Well, no, in fact I don’t own much ice. No meteor-sized studs in my ears that would be visible from Mars like Oprah’s (I don’t even have my ears pierced.) No massive tennis bracelet weighing down my wrist and perpetually catching sunlight. And no ginormous 6.1-carat […]

Lego creation 1

The whole color blocking trend recently got me thinking about the original colored blocks…why LEGOs of course! So on my lunch hour yesterday, I went to see the LEGO® Architecture: Towering Ambition exhibition at the National Building Museum. Architect Adam Reed Tucker has created jaw-dropping, breathtaking models of some of the most iconic structures, including […]

I’m not referring to the girly cocktail, the rebellious singer Alecia “P!nk” Moore, or a satin-jacket-wearing cool girl from Grease. No, actually I’m the Pink Lady. It’s my favorite color. I was tickled pink when Pantone chose Honeysuckle as the 2011 Color of the Year. Lately I’ve been thinking about its virtues since summer has […]

Is that racist? Can I get away with it because I’m 100% Asian? I mean, sometimes I use phrases like “He was on that like white on rice,” or I’ll comment on how “Rory McIlroy” must be a killer tongue-twister for most Koreans (“Loly McIrloy”). Maybe I mistakenly assume that since I’m not one who […]