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I was inspired to write this post after a friend on Facebook announced that she had recently lost several pounds and was able to go shopping in her own closet. She could now gleefully fit into a bunch of once-forgotten, barely-worn clothes, automatically expanding her wardrobe options–all without spending a dime. What a great concept! […]

June 1976

Yes, folks, today is my 39th birthday! I wear it proudly because, well, what other choice do you have? If you’re not aging, you’re either a freak of nature, a vampire or…six feet under. This past year, I bought my first house (turns out that having a mortgage feels very adult), attended the coolest conference […]

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Is it me, or are you also a tad bewildered that Labor Day is already long gone? (I’m almost equally amazed that we’ve been in our townhouse for exactly six months now!) It was the ceremonial end to summer, and the weather will soon turn cooler, but I’m not mentally prepared yet to capitulate…

marchesa 2012 rtw

You know, I so wish I could tag this post as part of the “What’s In My Wardrobe” category. Instead, it stubbornly resides in “Aspirations” with no real hope of crossing over. Unlike last year, I didn’t have a chance (or, honestly, the motivation) to parse the Fall 2012 Collections…


Last year, I wrote a series of popular “Inspired by Nature” posts which showed flora-meets-fashion visual relationships. Well, I recently found some more examples at my mom’s house. Think of these as summer’s last hurrah as we get ready for fall.