Two weeks from today, the 36th annual Marine Corps Marathon will get underway. I’m not running it, but my memories from last year’s race remain as vivid as ever—because on that day, I felt like a superhero. Let me explain…


Dear Nike, I have loved you since 2003. Wait, let me clarify—I was wearing your Swoosh way before then. Here I am at 8 years old: It wasn’t until two decades later, though, that I really fell for you. Oddly enough, you appealed to my head first, then my heart. (I know, I’m definitely not […]


I’m not planning on kicking the bucket anytime soon, but I already know what I’m wearing to my own funeral (hey, as a product manager, I like to think ahead): my all-time favorite t-shirt. No, it’s not Splendid, James Perse or Vince. And forget capsule collections and limited editions—besides me, only 8,697 other women on […]