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….Maybe you’ve heard of the 12-panel painting called the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, better known as the Ghent Altarpiece? Perhaps you remember George Clooney in “The Monuments Men” saving it from Hitler’s clutches in an Austrian mine?…


…As an unconventional way to welcome 2015, I’m offering up my final recap from our South Beach vacation. I’ll let the serene images speak for themselves…


Our Canadian adventure continues with photos from our one and only full day in Quebec City. With glorious weather on our side, we covered a lot of ground…


On Day Four, we savored every last moment in Old Montreal before catching the train to Quebec City. I wanted to capture some of the quirky details that brought such character to the neighborhood.

IMG_2926 - cropped

On our last full day in Montreal, we decided to slow things down: the number of places to visit, the frequency of our photo-taking, and our overall pace. We ended up exploring two vastly different places within the same general vicinity. First up was the hipster paradise of the Plateau, the eclectic, bohemian land of […]


I turned 40 years old on Day Two of our Canadian adventure. Check out our memorable, jam-packed journey downtown…


Bonjour, tout le monde! I am writing this post as a newly-minted forty-year-old. Exciting, right!? To celebrate my birthday—and a rare opportunity to take a second vacation in one year—Andrew and I recently traveled to Montreal and Quebec City.


Sometimes, you just gotta get the hell out of Dodge. With the new house and all, Andrew and I didn’t take a real vacation last year. But we soon discovered that no matter how much we love our home, it still has the power to induce stifling cabin fever. So in the spirit of “absence […]

Andrew ties5

I admire my Andrew a lot. I don’t know how he does it. (Hello!  Get your mind out of the gutter—this is a PG-rated blog, most of the time.) I’m not referring to his parallel parking prowess, instant recall of useless sports stats or mastery of Angry Birds. No, my amazement stems from this observation: […]