January 1, 2015

South Beach Serenade

Happy New Year, everyone!

Don’t worry, this post isn’t about Pit Bull’s party in Miami last night. As an unconventional way to welcome 2015, I’m offering up my final recap from our South Beach vacation. I’ll let the serene images speak for themselves:

Sunrise on South Beach.

Morning glory: Andrew captured me on the balcony of a lifeguard stand.

Lime green and moody blues.

This scene reminds me of a Whistler seaside painting.

Palm tree and wispy clouds.

Turquoise umbrellas near the W Hotel.

Pink toes and textured sand.

Soaking up the rays in my Michael Kors bathing suit and Kate Spade shades.

Tan and relaxed on South Pointe Pier.

Selfie with Andrew! That’s a wrap!

On second thought, perhaps this is a fitting start to the New Year after all. For seven days, I was a breezy escape artist, miles away from daily stress and hard decisions. But studies show that people actually feel happier while anticipating an upcoming vacation versus reminiscing about a past trip. So here’s to planning our next adventure!

For info on the places we stayed, ate, and visited, as well as a few things I packed, check out my Miami board on Pinterest.

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