December 28, 2014

Chock-a-Block with Street Art

With seasonally cold and cloudy weather here in DC, is it any wonder that I’m still daydreaming about our recent trip to South Beach? (And just so you know, I’m planning on basking in the after-glow until, like, April.)

In my previous post, I was all moved and touched by Mother Nature’s glorious sunrises and mesmerizing cloud patterns. This time, I’m totally switching gears and transporting you to Miami’s industrial Wynwood neighborhood where the vibrant scenery is entirely manmade. Wynwood has become one of the world’s biggest and most renowned street art districts. Its main attraction is Wynwood Walls and Doors, a free public art installation of gigantic murals by celebrated graffiti artists from around the globe. Hold onto your eyeballs as we take a quick tour:

The entrance to the Wynwood Walls art park.

We started off by having lunch outside at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, surrounded by a visual feast of artwork. The posters are by a Brooklyn-based duo called Faile. (Photo via

Wheat-pasted mural by artist Shepherd Fairey, perhaps best known for his Obama “Hope” poster.

New York-based artist Kenny Scharf spray-painted this one in riotous colors, flanked by the outdoor patio of the Wynwood Kitchen & Bar on the left, and 2nd Avenue on the right.

I love the lone yellow leg on the picnic table.

Standing in front of Maya Hayuk’s geometric composition, I was caught off-guard rooting around in my bag.

Ah, that’s better. Outfit: Tory Burch sunnies, J.Crew scarf and Downing tote, Banana Republic exposed seam top, AG Stilt Jeans, Ecco sandals.

The entrance to Wynwood Doors, the smaller adjacent property.

A beam of sunlight streaming across an installation along 26th Street.

Electrifying painted lady on the façade of a nearby industrial building.

Wider perspective shot.

Loud and proud on the exterior of an auto body shop.

The Mmmm bistro on 2nd Avenue. How cute is that Beaker Muppet face on the tree?

They say that traveling to new places often spurs creativity. Well, here’s a random observation that struck me when we got back to our hotel:

The colorful design of Maya Hayuk’s mural reminds me of…

… this woven luxury handbag from the Resort 2015 Collection by designer Nancy Gonzalez. (Photo via Miami Modern Luxury magazine.)

Up next: Art Deco and the Bass Museum of Art

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