…The Oregon coast is a mere 75 miles west of our current apartment. The drive took about an hour and a half through winding mountain roads and past signs that said “Elk crossing,” “Ostrich Jerky Sold Here,” and “Warning – Entering Tsunami Zone.” Our destination was Cannon Beach…

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Is it me, or are you also a tad bewildered that Labor Day is already long gone? (I’m almost equally amazed that we’ve been in our townhouse for exactly six months now!) It was the ceremonial end to summer, and the weather will soon turn cooler, but I’m not mentally prepared yet to capitulate…


During the whirlwind that was our home purchase back in February, one thing that we ended up sacrificing was a real summer vacation this year. And when I say real, what I mean is beach. The scent of saltwater mixed with Coppertone…


I read somewhere that you should try keeping a childhood photo on your desk as a happy reminder of when you were innocent and carefree. It’s apparently a fine way to relieve stress and keep some perspective on your hamster-wheel-of-a-life. Because as a kid, you weren’t freaking out over terrorism, global warming, and the debt […]


It might seem strange to kick off my fashion-focused blog with a non-clothing-related photo but this shot takes me back to good memories and brings me good luck. My boyfriend Andrew and I took our first vacation together less than three months after we first met. We stayed at Compass Point Beach Resort in the […]