June 12, 2011

Beachy Keen

I read somewhere that you should try keeping a childhood photo on your desk as a happy reminder of when you were innocent and carefree. It’s apparently a fine way to relieve stress and keep some perspective on your hamster-wheel-of-a-life. Because as a kid, you weren’t freaking out over terrorism, global warming, and the debt crisis, or looming deadlines, corporate downsizing and a decimated 401(k). And you certainly weren’t fretting over this season’s hemlines, whether to splurge on organic cotton, and why The Gap royally sucks. So here’s my buoyant younger self frolicking in Ocean City:

Free-spirited joy at Ocean City, MD

Look at me rocking the pink terrycloth! Aah…sun, surf and salt water taffy. I’m feeling calmer already.

Thirty years later (cough, cough), what’s terry in my wardrobe these days? Soft, easy, smocked dresses by Juicy Couture. I bought them (on massive sale!) during the time when Juicy’s savvy co-founders Gela and Pam were still with the brand. (But since their departure?  Umm, The Gap is looking pretty darn good.) Bonus points: yee-haw, I can go sans brassiere! I wore an electric yellow one during a sadly-too-long-ago vacation to Turks & Caicos, a step up—or three—from OC:

Worry-free and loving life at Grace Bay Beach

Parting shot: While I love these Juicy sundresses, their tracksuits leave much to be desired. (Ever notice how they never keep it real and say “L.A.R.G.E.” or “Lumpy” across the butt cheeks?) But if you’re really dying to get a Juicy track, buy Biggie’s amazing hip-hop version instead!

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