During the whirlwind that was our home purchase back in February, one thing that we ended up sacrificing was a real summer vacation this year. And when I say real, what I mean is beach. The scent of saltwater mixed with Coppertone…


I read somewhere that you should try keeping a childhood photo on your desk as a happy reminder of when you were innocent and carefree. It’s apparently a fine way to relieve stress and keep some perspective on your hamster-wheel-of-a-life. Because as a kid, you weren’t freaking out over terrorism, global warming, and the debt […]


It might seem strange to kick off my fashion-focused blog with a non-clothing-related photo but this shot takes me back to good memories and brings me good luck. My boyfriend Andrew and I took our first vacation together less than three months after we first met. We stayed at Compass Point Beach Resort in the […]