September 21, 2011

Food for Thought

Experts and pundits have been proclaiming (and debating) the death of print for what seems to be an eternity. I’m also fully aware that the U.S. Postal Service is in dire budgetary straits. Like everyone else, I spend a sizable chunk of my time online, but maybe unlike a lot of folks, I still enjoy the paper versions of things too—you know, letterpress notecards, invitations on heavy card stock, glossy brochures, real books. And I especially love magazines and catalogs.

So, last Saturday, hello windfall! This is what arrived in my mailbox:

A window into my interests

While “you are what you eat,” I think it’s equally true that “you are what you read.” To wit:

  • Entertainment Weekly is like munching on potato chips. It provides empty calories but satisfies a junk food craving.

A regular feature in Entertainment Weekly

Lay’s Classic potato chips









  • Wired is like eating at a Wylie Dufresne restaurant. You marvel at the inventive, thoughtful details and feel smarter at the end.

An enlightening article in Wired

A dish from Wylie Dufresne’s WD-50 restaurant









  • The Crate&Barrel catalog is like Clyde’s restaurant in Washington, DC. It reliably serves up good All-American fare in a comfortable setting.

A page ripped from the Crate&Barrel catalog

Clyde’s restaurant at Gallery Place in DC









  • Vogue is like having afternoon tea. It’s a relaxing, indulgent way to spend a few hours with tantalizing treats.

Colorful eye candy in Vogue

A sweet sampling at afternoon tea









  • Runner’s World (not pictured above) is like a Kashi bar. It delivers healthy, nuts-and-bolts nourishment in a single-serve packet, and you feel virtuous consuming it.

Good-for-you info from Runner’s World

Kashi chewy granola bars










Digital subscriptions and e-readers just don’t the convey all this awesomeness in the same way. Call me analog, traditional or old-fashioned.

Printed matter still matters. Now go eat your vegetables.


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