September 30, 2011

The Almost Perfect Purse

It has been a long, long time since I forked over my hard-earned dollars for a leather handbag. You see, I’ve been sporting Longchamp pretty exclusively in recent years. However, a few weeks ago, I saw a deal that I just could not refuse. Could. Not. Refuse.

Kate Spade was having an online sample sale, and this purse was being offered at more than 55% off the original price:

Kate Spade Litchfield Talise purse in French Grey

It’s positively brimming with all sorts of goodness:

  • The silhouette is timeless.
  • The neutral taupe-gray color is versatile (e.g. it goes with black, brown, pink, etc.).
  • The color coincidentally matches the color of my wallet.
  • The leather is soft.
  • The bag itself isn’t too heavy.
  • It doesn’t have a lot of flashy metal hardware.
  • It’s roomy enough to fit an iPad.
  • I can organize my stuff in several compartments and pockets.
  • The length of the shoulder strap is just right, and the bag tucks comfortably under my arm.
  • Did I mention that it was on sale for $169 from $395—with free shipping?

Alas, nothing is perfect.  The two things I wish it had:

  • Four little metal feet on its bottom. (I dislike putting the bag on the floor.)
  • A non-magnetic closure. (I’m always wondering if it will end up demagnetizing my credit cards and/or metro card.)

One unexpected bonus: a sweet polka-dotted lining:

Whimsical detail typical of Kate Spade

So, on top of everything else, this purse provides me with a discreet way to rock the hot polka dot trend this fall. I’m practically speechless!


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