Yay! Election Day 2012 is finally behind us! I have nothing more to add that hasn’t already been uttered, analyzed, disputed, etc. Style-wise, however, I’ll offer two personal observations.

Number One: how refreshing and savvy of Michelle Obama to wear a shimmery Michael Kors dress on election night that she had previously worn twice! It’s very Practical Fashionista, no?

Number Two:  While swiping through my Flipboard iPad app, I landed on an article in The Cut fashion blog about Senator Claire McCaskill‘s stylish daughters. My mini-revelation wasn’t about how cool Lily looked with her crown braid and red lipstick. I was instead gobsmacked by how much the senator looks like author (gossip monger?) Kitty Kelley!

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri who just won a second term after defeating Republican challenger Todd “legitimate rape” Akin.

Author/sensationalist Kitty Kelley who has written unauthorized biographies about Frank Sinatra, the British Royal Family, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie O, and more.