I can already see your skepticism at the premise of this post, but gimme a chance to convince you. C’mon!

I was totally on Team J.Lo when she and Marc Anthony got divorced. Why? Because until he married Jenny From The Block, my sole knowledge of his existence derived from his annoying hit “I Need to Know.” That song featured an infinite refrain of “I need to know, tell me baby girl, cuz I need to know, I need to know, I need to know, tell me baby girl.” (Ugh, how skin-crawlingly, sanity-sappingly, homicide-inducingly bad!)

Mr. Anthony does have one redeeming quality, though: he makes me think of acclaimed actor Steve Buscemi. In fact, I consider Marc Anthony the Latin Steve Buscemi (in appearance only). Both have that greasy, sleazy, sunken-cheeked look. Both have rectangular-shaped faces, similar hair texture and tendency towards stache and goatee stubble. And if you superimpose Mr. Buscemi’s buggy, baggy blue eyes onto Mr. Anthony’s mug? Well, I rest my case.

The ex-Mr. Jennifer Lopez.

Actor Steve Buscemi, currently starring in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” He has a whole host of other credits including “Reservoir Dogs,” “Fargo” and “The Sopranos.”










IMDB link for Steve Buscemi.