Andrew has made a valiant effort trying to convince me that Whitney Cummings is funny. At the very least, he wants me to acknowledge the possibility that she could be¬†slightly funny under the right circumstances. Ha! Dream on! Tuning into her NBC sitcom “Whitney” for one measly episode had me lunging for the remote in exactly one minute and four seconds. (I mean, how can she actually be called a comedian? That’s just an insult to genuinely funny people like Louis C.K.) The fact that she’s also co-creator of that corny, idiotic comedy “Two Broke Girls” on CBS does not give her brownie points. Instead, it ratchets up my disrespect!

Lest you think my haterade is unfair, I have noticed one likeable thing about Ms. Cummings: she could be related to Yoanna House, the Season 2 winner of “America’s Next Top Model.” Notice I didn’t say they could be identical twins. Whitney’s oval (horsey?) facial shape differs from Yoanna’s squarish jawline. And Yoanna has a slightly longer paraphiltrum (the skin between the nose and the upper lip). But they both have big, clear hazel eyes; full lips; and dark, straight hair (extensions?). So I think they could be cousins–and I bet Yoanna can tell better jokes.

So-called comedian Whitney Cummings. (I could care less about her filmography.)

Model and reality TV personality Yoanna House.










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