Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s a quick and light-hearted Double-Take. Granted, it’s not related to the holiday in any way but I think it’s cute.

Oh Modern Family! How you disappoint me so. Perhaps all those Emmys and Golden Globes made you too complacent because your fourth season on ABC was sadly hit-or-miss. Once upon a time, you were sure-fire funny. The scenarios and jokes then became a bit forced. And with Haley now off at college and va-va-voom Gloria getting knocked up by Al Bundy (oops, I mean Jay Pritchett)—I dunno, your snappiness and comedic timing seemed off too.

While your bantering and bickering gay couple Mitch and Cam are still endearing, my favorite pair will always be Type A soccer mom Claire Dunphy and her klutzy but well-meaning hubby Phil. Doesn’t the actor who plays Mr. Dunphy look astonishingly similar to a certain beloved cereal mascot? The long, pointy ears. The sharp chin. The brunette widow’s peak. The dimple placement. I could go on. His appearance distracts me just enough to hope that you find your spark again next year. Here’s a hint: may your characters have more depth than a cartoon.

Actor Ty Burrell.

Count Chocula, one of General Mills’ monster cereal mascots since 1971.