I had a couple of decent ideas for this post but neither one really rang true as a slam-dunk Double-Take.

My first attempt was Lukas Haas and Alex Honnold. They both have similar-shaped noses, big ears that stick out, and the same hair color and texture. Still, it was close but no cigar:

Actor Lukas Haas. Best known (in my mind, at least) for his role when he was 9 years old as Samuel in the 1985 movie “Witness” with Harrison Ford. More recently, he appeared in “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Alex Honnold, the best big wall free solo climber in the world (i.e. he’s a rock climber extraordinaire who doesn’t use rope, harnesses or other safety gear). He has completed the only known free solo climb of the Yosemite Triple crown.











My other possibility was Dylan McDermott and Gerard Butler. They share the same piercing blue eyes, man-scaping and mouth shape. Unfortunately, Dylan’s rectangular face versus Gerard’s round one are irreconcilable differences:

Actor Dylan McDermott, who starred in the series “The Practice” from 1997 through 2004. He’s currently on FX’s “American Horror Story.”

Hunky Scottish actor Gerard Butler, who starred in the movie “300” as well as some lame romantic comedies like “P.S. I Love You” and “Playing for Keeps.”










So while I regroup and take some time to come up with a fresh crop of Double-Takes, here are two sources of inspiration from my Twitter feed.

Virgin Media is holding a contest via Facebook for celebrity lookalikes:

Sir Richard Branson’s doppelgänger.

And the image-sharing site Imgur features some of the work of François Brunelle, who was also just interviewed on NPR. Mr. Brunelle photographs people who look very similar to each other but are completely unrelated:

Amazing: seeing double.

Images via imgur and Virgin Media.

IMDB links: Lukas Haas, Dylan McDermott, Gerard Butler.

60 Minutes interview with Alex Honnold.