March 1, 2013

Taking the Stairs

Hello! Yes, I’m still here! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. There’s just something about the month of February that prevents me from blogging. Last year, I was crunching on an intense project labor of love at work which sucked up all my free time for weeks. This year, my hiatus was self-induced–a temporary lack of motivation combined with ninja-level, domestic multi-tasking goddess-ness (godliness?).

To be fair, I’ve also been dedicating a lot of brain power to mulling over career trajectories. Maybe it’s because I’m turning the big four-oh in six months. Maybe it’s because one of my closest colleagues left our company several weeks ago to try his hand at a start-up. And maybe it’s because my head is filled with new insights from several good books about career paths, corporate cultures and human resources.

A reminder to dream BIG! The tribute to John Lennon in Central Park. (Photo taken in July 2011.)

Aside from my cerebral musings about professional stepping stones, Andrew and I have been ogling interior spaces on design sites like contemporist. We’re currently obsessed with staircases. It actually makes perfect sense since stairways are a physical means for upward (and downward) mobility. Did you know there’s even a website called

What cool stuff have I observed? Well, these stairs caught my eye–and they look like vertebrae:

Stainless steel stairs with central stringer.

3D model of a human spine.

And these steel floating stairs remind me of a Calder mobile:

Minimalist black floating stairs by École Architects based in Paris.

Alexander Calder, Vertical Foliage, 1941, sheet metal, wire and paint. (image rotated)

I love that stairs provide a way to move up from one level to another, and sometimes you don’t know what awaits at the top.

Images via design-milk, enpundit, Calder Foundation, Colonial Iron Works.