Even though I recently turned forty and January is the month for ambitious New Year’s resolutions, I’m not considering cosmetic surgery (yet!). We are, however, weighing our options for doing a “pull-and-replace” cosmetic renovation of our upstairs bathroom.


I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last blogged about anything! (Ugh, I’m such a slacker!) Actually, I am cutting myself some slack because life has been a little hectic lately—all good stuff, though. After returning home from a short vacation in New York City, I handed in my resignation…


…Before getting too carried away, my refund wasn’t exactly a windfall so the Tesla will have to wait. I’m putting aside part of the money for a long overdue vacation. What to do with the rest? Hmm, how about a brand new dresser!


…That got me thinking: does a closet truly reveal a person’s identity? Her aspirations? Her character?


In my previous post, I showed you the inspiration for my wanting to create a little vignette on top of the two dressers in the master bedroom. Now comes the more difficult part: how to execute (because the devil is always in the details, n’est-ce pas?). For the sake of practical frugality, I first shopped […]

The recent bout of rainy weather in DC (not to mention the current arctic blast) was awful for my running habit but perfect for my nesting obsession. It all started when Andrew and I decided to rearrange some furniture upstairs…