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December 2, 2012

Gettin’ Toasty

I’m not exactly the crafty kind. My friend Katie is a knitting whiz. Another friend Gretchen is the queen of scrapbooking, stamping, cross-stitching and more. Me? I’m a decal diva–I enjoy adhering decals to the walls of my house. Yup, that’s about it.

There’s the rock climbing panoramic piece from that I placed in our basement above an orange sofa:

Temporary commitment: the decal is high-quality, removable and affordable.

There’s the vinyl tree from Blik that took several hours (Andrew was a trooper) to put up in our living room:

A decal was the perfect solution for adding a design element in the tight space between the floor lamp and the TV.

Close-up: we had to peel off each individual leaf and branch separately.

Then there’s the London street view that we had originally unfurled above our dining room table:

City perspective.

Well, that placement never seemed quite right. The scale was too narrow and too short for the wide expanse. No worries, though, because in reading the blog Design Milk, I stumbled upon different, better decals to use instead. (And we moved the adhesive poster of London to above our headboard in the master bedroom. Its ingenious practicality? No fear of it falling and crashing down on our heads!)

So now, our dining area features buttered toast and flatware:

These are four separate decals. Call us weird but we like their kitsch factor.

I love me a good trompe l’oeil. (And on Halloween, the neighborhood trick-or-treating kids were fascinated.)

For domestic décor, I don’t endorse placing decals everywhere. But for certain spaces, they serve as a handy, stylish and fun alternative to framed prints. I mean, it’s not like I’m gonna put linebacker Clay Mathews on display–Phillie second baseman Chase Utley, maybe.

Product sites: wallflowers, walls360, blik, fathead

P.S. I was recently shopping for holiday presents at Nordstrom when I saw these napkins by Cake Vintage. I had to have them!

Perfect pairing with our utensil decals.


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