Last week during my usual multi-tasking, domestic frenzy, I managed to catch an episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” To be fair, my TV viewing was interspersed with checking on the laundry, tweeting, Swiffering, and simmering a stew. Don’t judge me. I hang my head in shame. But hey, it’s not like I’m secretly DVR-ing episodes…

If you’ve ever seen the show, you know that the Hotlanta divas know how to do ridiculous drama where everything flies (figuratively and sometimes literally): insults, fur, wigs. The most entertaining RHOA is of course NeNe Leakes. Famous enough now to go by first name alone, she’s the strong and sassy scene-stealer.

One of the newest provocateurs on the block is Kenya Moore. She’s a former Miss USA (like, waaay back in the day) and self-proclaimed media mogul who’s desperate for her dweeb of a boyfriend Walter to propose with some ginormous bling.

Inane plot lines aside, Ms. Moore bears a striking resemblance to Grammy Award-winning singer Natalie Cole. Hazel eyes, similar mouth shape, bone structure. (Almost everything but the voice.)

Kenya Moore, a former Miss USA and legend in her own mind.

Natalie Cole, daughter of “Unforgettable” legendary singer Nat King Cole.









IMDB links: Kenya Moore, Natalie Cole.


P.S. Do you think I should try for a “Moore” hat trick next week? I featured Demi last week and Kenya today. Perhaps it’s time for Shemar?


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