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On a warm, sunny day halfway through our European trip, Andrew and I took two buses from Amsterdam to get to Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe. The 80-acre park is only open from mid-March to mid-May…


I’m at a loss. I really don’t know how things got to this point. I mean, this might warrant an intervention. What’s the crisis, you ask?


A recent style article in the New York Times said it best: “There is something about chirping birds that makes us want to say goodbye to earth tones.” In case you’re one of the, umm, six women on earth who wants to cling to the depressing ochre, umber and sienna…


People, it’s almost Election Day! Can you believe it? According to most polls, it’s still too close to call. How is that even possible? I won’t divulge my allegiances here but geez, I hope you can make a pretty good guess. For this post, I’m gonna dodge politics altogether in favor of featuring a gift […]

marchesa 2012 rtw

You know, I so wish I could tag this post as part of the “What’s In My Wardrobe” category. Instead, it stubbornly resides in “Aspirations” with no real hope of crossing over. Unlike last year, I didn’t have a chance (or, honestly, the motivation) to parse the Fall 2012 Collections…


Last year, I wrote a series of popular “Inspired by Nature” posts which showed flora-meets-fashion visual relationships. Well, I recently found some more examples at my mom’s house. Think of these as summer’s last hurrah as we get ready for fall.