August 1, 2011

NYC 2011: Chelsea Morning

Andrew and I just returned from the most amazing four-day trip to Manhattan. It was our first real vacation in two years, which I know doesn’t sound like that long a drought but it felt like an eternity to me. I think the vacation gods knew how much this getaway meant to both of us because every single thing down to the smallest detail worked in our favor. The Amtrak trains ran on time. The weather was superb (70s in the morning, high 80s with low humidity in the afternoon). We never had to wait for a table at any restaurant. We scored half-price tickets for orchestra seats for the Broadway musical “Catch Me If You Can.” The one day we visited VERAMEAT jewelry store in the East Village was the one day everything was 30% off… I could go on but don’t want to jinx myself or any future travel plans. Suffice it to say that we are eternally grateful and feel extremely lucky. (And I wonder, do I have any karma chips left??)

I’ll post photos over the next few weeks. Here’s my first installment. These were taken in Chelsea on Friday morning.

Update on September 30, 2012: I just read about artist Wade Guyton’s computer-generated work which includes pieces with X motifs.

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