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July 28, 2011

The Ties That Bind

I admire my Andrew a lot. I don’t know how he does it. (Hello!  Get your mind out of the gutter—this is a PG-rated blog, most of the time.) I’m not referring to his parallel parking prowess, instant recall of useless sports stats or mastery of Angry Birds. No, my amazement stems from this observation: I just do NOT get how he wears a tie every single day to work. And it definitely boggles my mind how he voluntarily wears one in 90-plus-degree heat. Ties seem like a noose. Doesn’t he feel like he’s suffocating? Literally?

Selection of Andrew’s ties by Thomas Pink, Brooks Brothers and Hermès.

Apparently, though, he’s not alone. Many men in DC persevere, steadfastly sticking with their suit-and-tie uniforms through the sweltering summer. I, on the other hand, can’t stand anything constrictive around my neck: turtlenecks, neckerchiefs, choker necklaces, you name it. I might as well be putting on a Spanx collar. (My mom wonders if someone tried to strangle me when I was young and the memory still haunts me. Hey, at least I’ll never be caught dead like David Carradine.) Needless to say, chances are infinitesimally low that I will ever embrace the menswear look for women à la Annie Hall.*

Hell no, Annie Hall.

But, for you guys and gals who do like ties, may I suggest my boyfriend’s eponymous store**:

Andrew’s Ties at Union Station…

…and another outpost at 1155 F Street









Or if bow ties are more your speed, my friend Marilynn has designed a charming summery one:

Whimsy around your neck: Playland Bow Tie by Marilynn Mendell

Well, you know, I’ll probably be holding a Mai Tai tonight. Does that count as sporting a tie?

* I’m in a New York state of mind too. I’ll be in Manhattan for the next few days, taking photos and gathering new ideas to blog about. Can’t wait!

** For the record, he actually has no relation to Andrew’s Ties and therefore won’t attest to the quality or selection.


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  1. I hate chokers, turtle necks too. I use to love wearing turtle necks when I was younger but now I can’t stand it. I do love scarves!!

  2. FYI – I tie a mean half windsor knot. good quality fabric yields a strong center dimple. the best I’m told are ‘seven fold’ all silk – they use only silk no internal batting and fold it in on itself seven times during construction. you can identify them by feel and weight. The store Everards in DC carries a nice selection.


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