March 27, 2012

Office Space

If you’ll recall, last year I wrote a post in which I bemoaned the fact that our rental apartment lacked space for a proper home office. I lamented about having to use the main living area as a computer room with my little Canon scanner stored under my Ikea chair. My shredder and printer were inconveniently located on the floor of our dining area while my documents and files were stacked in the bedroom.

I often fantasized about consolidating and organizing everything in one designated place…Well, hallelujah! Since we just bought our house, the wait is officially over. My new office space is in the basement, but fortunately, it doesn’t feel cavernous or claustrophobic in the least.

Here’s a shot of my desk—I need to pin up some more stuff on the bulletin board. (By the way, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet. I like having a physical, tactile inspiration board.)

The desk and floor lamp are hold-overs from our apartment. The sublimely comfortable bungee-cord chair is from The Container Store.

The opposite wall has my bookshelf and Elfa bins for storage. The framed poster once hung in my dad‘s office at Boeing. He was an aeronautical engineer who worked extensively on the Osprey. The baseball displayed on the shelf was from a Phillies game—Milt Thompson, who was the Phils’ hitting coach at the time, threw me a ball during batting practice before the team played the Nats.

Room to grow: I haven’t been able to fill up the shelves.

The previous owners of our house had used this room as the husband’s office so hence the rather masculine-looking dark brown/khaki wall paint. I may change the color in the future but I’m okay with it for now; it’s a decent neutral that’s not distracting. And since he was a UConn alum, he had had these curtains made:

Subtle school spirit.

How convenient that my alma mater Georgetown boasts the same colors!

Update on March 29, 2012: It turns out that I’m like many others in this digital age whose lightweight laptops and other devices make it super-convenient to work from a couch or a bed or anywhere except the home office.  I find myself using my MacBook Air more in the living/dining room area.  As a Herman Miller designer points out in this recent NYTimes article, “[we’re trying to figure out] what the home office should look like when the iPad and other tablets and laptops have freed us to work anywhere. It’s still unclear…whether people prefer to use such devices on a work surface or, say, on the couch.”

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