March 22, 2012

The Closet Dream

Here’s a random piece of big news: we recently bought a townhouse! My first home purchase! Closing was literally one week ago, and I kept the process mostly under wraps because I didn’t want to jinx anything. Only when I got the keys to our little casa did I finally relax a bit.

So I’m currently in nesting mode. Andrew has given me his blessing to decorate as I see fit. Fortunately, we have similar taste. (But c’mon, did he really expect to be the one calling the final design shots?). Alas, it’s gonna take a couple of months for the rest of our furniture to arrive. In the meantime, I bet you’re curious to see what my new closet looks like. Well, this is my down-to-earth version of celebrities’ mega closets profiled in InStyle (Mariah Carey’s wardrobe wonderland is especially jaw-dropping).

Here’s the view of the master bedroom and the short corridor that leads to the small bathroom:

You’ll notice that the vibe is subdued and serene–I’m saving my signature pops of color for the TV room in the basement. Stay tuned for a future post.

Bright colors lurk behind these doors…

One closet holds my accessories, shoes, tops, jeans and lightweight skirts:

Heaven for my neat-freak self.

This closet also contains my very limited number of dresses and coats. And I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to keep the large totes on the floor or move them elsewhere.

The second closet is configured differently, with wide shelves for my sweaters and wraps, and additional room to hang even more skirts:

Wide open spaces.

Spacing out.

You know, I should be giddy at the prospect of having lots of room to expand my wardrobe, but these days—and I cannot believe I’m admitting this—I’m more preoccupied with buying a new washer and dryer!

P.S. Lest you think than Andrew’s clothes got relegated to a dungeon to accommodate all my stuff, fear not. He has the whole guest bedroom to work with (e.g. shoe rack, dresser and a double-wide closet fitted with Elfa shelving). That’s a fair deal, right?


Update on May 20, 2012: Check out more closet porn at House Beautiful.


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