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July 29, 2012

Sofa, So Good

Lost amid all of my recent posts about San Francisco is the fact that the tedious saga of our sofa and coffee table finally ended a few weeks ago. It took three months for the pieces to be delivered! Meanwhile, the presence of our nine-year-old Ikea Pöang chairs in the main living area of our new house almost drove me insane. (Yes, I’m fully aware that this is a first-world problem.) But good things come to those who wait:

At last, some decent seating.

The main lesson learned? If you’re ordering a custom made sofa, add at least two weeks to the estimated delivery time. In our case, we ran into a delay when our original fabric selection ended up on back-order, and we scrambled to choose an alternative.

Why go with custom made? Well, we did a lot of research and decided it was worth spending the extra money to get a high-quality, durable piece of furniture in the fabric and finish of our choice. After all, we’ll be sitting and lounging on it nonstop for however long we live here.

I can now rest easy.

What else is good to know? There’s a “double rub count” (ha! not a dirty joke) for upholstery fabrics. It’s a measure of fabric strength. 3,000 double rubs equals one year’s worth of use. A fabric categorized as “heavy duty” has a double rub count of 15,000. What’s our sofa? Heavy duty, duh. (There’s no way something “light duty” or “delicate duty” would ever survive.)

Jensen “basketweave” fabric in Mineral.

Product sources:

  • Sofa: Edward 79″ Sofa designed by Dwell Studio, purchased through Creative Classics.
  • Throw pillows: Dwell Studio and Unison.
  • Coffee table: Hepplewhite solid cherry, purchased through Creative Classics.
  • Floor lamps: Pottery Barn.
  • Ottoman: Crate&Barrel Stow 17.5″ leather storage in Persimmon.
  • End tables: Crate&Barrel Pedestal indoor/outdoor side tables in Graphite.
  • Rug: Crate&Barrel Bronson rug

P.S. As you can see from the middle photo above, I didn’t end up buying the Manolo Campion photo to hang above the mantle. The dimensions just weren’t quite right. The search goes on.


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