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I’ve been out here on the West Coast attending Apple’s WWDC conference for the past week. (Lucky me!) I last visited San Francisco more than twenty years ago and had somehow forgotten just how amazing it is: the weather, restaurants, culture, neighborhoods, art, views, parks. The city boasts the vibrant energy of Manhattan without the frenetic pace and uptight personalities. I could totally get used to this.

Most of my time thus far has been spent within the confines of the Moscone West Convention Center, but I’ve managed to squeeze in some sightseeing—plus shopping, of course! And my iPhone has turned me into quite the shutterbug (Japanese tourists have nothing on me).

First up, colorful signs around Union Square and SoMa:

Tuning fork. (And what’s that white dot above the streetlight? The moon!)

Burst of French in the air.

Art seen.

Look for more photos over the next few weeks…


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