photo 3

In my previous post, you got an eyeful of the artwork in our main living area. Well, now, come hither into our master bedroom…

The serene ambiance and light grayish-blue walls called for something romantic.

Before: bare bedroom wall.

After: the poster of the showstopping wedding dress from the Gaultier exhibit at the De Young Museum was the perfect fit.

Closer-up: I had my frame shop cut off the text about the exhibit from the bottom margin.

The ornate frame has a Baroque-like feel.

The windows originally featured cheap aluminum mini-blinds and heavy linen drapes. We ended up removing both in favor of a more minimalist and low-maintenance treatment. (You may or may not agree with our decision.)

Before: dingy mini-blinds and dust-bunny-collecting drapes (which you can’t really tell from this photo, but trust me!).

After: honeycomb shades in “Rain Cloud.” They provide soft, diffuse light and privacy. Even though the drapes are in storage, we’re leaving the hanging rods in place for now.

A close friend did the delicate botanical drawings in colored pencil.

Parting thought: As with almost everything in life, presentation counts! I’m a big proponent of investing in quality frames and glass to protect and enhance artwork for the long haul.

There are several factors to consider when deciding how much to spend on a frame and which type of glass, among them:

  • Is the artwork an irreplaceable piece?
  • Where are you hanging it? In the basement? In a highly-visible area? Exposed to sunlight?
  • What other artwork is in the same room?

The folks at a reputable frame shop can advise you and make inspired suggestions. I use a local place in Arlington, VA–they’re wonderfully consultative, have a wide selection, will respect your budget and give you a good deal.