November 5, 2013

Got Fleece?

Newsflash! Patagonia has become retro-cool. It’s no longer just for dirt bags who go ice climbing in Norway without showering for days. According to a recent New York Times Style article, it “has become the outdoorsy label of choice for the stylish set, with vintage versions of the classic Retro-X fleece today as likely to be worn by hipsters as they are by hippies.” Some aficionados have even taken to calling it Patagucci.

“The more Patagonia remains the same, the more cool it becomes.”

So…I might have been inadvertently cooler than ever (ha ha), rockin’ my own Patagonia while traipsing across Montreal. I had bought their “Better Sweater Coat” specifically for the trip, and it was the best.

Chilling out in my Patagonia coat by day…

…and by night.

It’s a descendant of their old-school zippered fleece jacket but updated in a feminine silhouette for a non-rugged gal.

Here are its Practical Fashionista style points:

  • The outside is knit like a sweater; the inside is lined with fleece.
  • It’s lightweight and non-bulky (vs. a structured overcoat) which made it comfortable to wear on the plane. I could also easily fold it up into my carry-on bag.
  • The pale gray color is neutral and goes with almost everything.
  • The slim silhouette is flattering but fits over thin layers.
  • Its set-in waistband adds shape.
  • On my 5’2″ frame, the knee length is versatile—looks good with mini-skirts as well as jeans—and keeps my butt warm.
  • Handy angled pockets.
  • Machine washable.
  • No pilling of the fabric (yet).
  • Priced under $200.

What’s missing is a visible logo to broadcast its Patagonia-ness to the world. That’s fine by me, though, because I’ve never been one to wear labels on my sleeve.

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  1. Jen i noticed your chic fleece when I was looking at pics from your trip! Love it!

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