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November 11, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey

Yo, what is up with this? In a few days, the DC region is gonna get a sneak peek of this year’s polar vortex:

Brrrr. The Weather Channel’s forecast for Arlington, VA.

While my psyche is not ready for those plummeting temperatures before we even hit Thanksgiving, my closet sure is. Why? Because I’ve been preparing, people! Like a busy little squirrel stashing away nuts, I’ve been planning on how to hunker down and bundle up in great big swaths of gray all winter long. Well, mostly gray with a shot of black and white thrown in. Granted, it seems very out of character for me. In warmer months, you’ll often find me decked out in bright colors:

Oh happy, summer day.

But when the sun starts setting at 4pm, slouchy neutrals are the chic way to go. Here are the key basics of my winter wardrobe:

A crazy thing happened when I entered my fourth decade on this earth: I no longer care about attaining a “thigh gap.” (What a revelation!) And thus, I recently ventured out of my bootcut jeans comfort zone and into the brave new world of skinny jeans. I bought two pairs of these AG “Stilt” Cigarette Stretch Jeans at Nordstrom on sale. So far, so good, so snug.

I soon realized that with skinny jeans, it’s helpful to wear a looser, boxier top to balance out the proportions. This soft rag & bone “Nicole” tee is all business in the front…

…and party in the back. A definite splurge at $150, it’s one of my favorite purchases.

This “C by Bloomingdale’s” exposed seam sweater is cozy perfection. (The photo does not do it justice.) It’s on trend with a high/low hem. The crewneck is wide enough and does not strangulate. The cashmere is just the right weight—not too thick, not too see-through. I also think the sale price of $160 (down from $228) is a good value.

My obsession with exposed seams continues. I got a great deal on this Banana Republic “Easy Slubbed Tee.” (Half off the regular price of $40.) The relaxed silhouette slightly tapers in at the waist for a flattering fit. I bought a second one in, you guessed it, heather gray.

To accessorize my new gray tops, I bought this Banana Republic “Pop Rocks” Short Pendant Necklace. It’s fun and remarkably lightweight. I’ll never pay full price for this type of jewelry so I waited until it was discounted down to $40.

I had been searching for a black-and-white gauzy scarf as another accessory option. Enter the “Bajra Arrowhead Print Scarf” from the Intermix website. It was on sale for $48 from $298. Lightweight wool with a touch of silk. This could be the steal of the century, right? It hasn’t arrived in the mail yet but I hope it lives up to my grand visions of awesomeness.

Abstract pattern. 60″ x 60.” My neck can’t wait to be swaddled.

I have previously professed my undying love for Attilio Giusti Leombruni (AGL) shoes on this blog. And now they’re offering a wider range of cash-depleting styles. In September, I jumped on these “Pyramid Stud Pointy Toe” pumps on Nordstrom’s website.

I’m gettin’ my money’s worth.

They were elegant and comfortable enough for a trip to NYC.

To top everything off, I’m still rockin’ my trusty fleece Patagonia coat from last season. Hooray, it’s light gray!

Images via Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Intermix, and Banana Republic.

Some parting thoughts: