May 6, 2013

Attilio the One

Miraculously, the nightmarish memories from my epic search for fall shoes in 2011 didn’t deter me from jumping back into the fray this spring. My new quest? Find a pair of classy, comfortable, nude-colored flats to carry me through the summer. You know, ones that won’t cause angry blisters during my daily commute on public transportation. Ones that work with jeans, skirts and everything in between. And ones without any hint of the folksy-hippie-dippie details so pervasive on “sensible” shoes. (If you need a primer, read this.)

I searched “high,” trying on designer brands like Prada and Tod’s:

Tod’s Bow Trim Flat. Leather. Made in Italy. Color: Wisteria. Price: $425 (gulp). I loved these but they didn’t quite fit like a glove. The sporty details also limited their versatility.

I searched “medium,” like this Stuart Weitzman model:

Stuart Weitzman Poco Pump. Patent leather. Made in Spain. Color: Adobe Analine. Price: $298. These obviously weren’t flats but the kitten heel was low enough. Sadly, my feet balked at the pointy toes, and patent leather tends to be stiff and unforgiving.

And I searched “low,” as in these plain neutral slip-ons:

Corso Como Tawna Flat. Leather upper. Imported (a.k.a. Made in China). Color: Dark Nude. Price: on sale for $66 (reduced from $100). These were out on three strikes: 1) too narrow 2) the back came up too high 3) pointy toes.

At this point, did I fall into the depths of Practical Fashionista despair? Actually…no! Why? Because as luck would have it, I discovered the love of my podiatric life. His name? It’s a mouthful: Attilio Giusti Leombruni. AGL, for short. His shoes were bliss at first try. (By the way, if you think I have smooth little feet, think again! Mine, in fact, are wide and flat with callouses on both big toes and a bone protrusion near my inner left ankle.)

AGL Toe Cap Ballet Flat. Leather. Made in Italy. Color: Nude/Beige. Price: $298. Oh happy day.

Yes, I realize that $300 for a pair of shoes may strike some as extravagant but let me put on my Product Diva cap to convince you otherwise:

  • They’re made of THE softest leather (dare I say richer than Corinthian).
  • They don’t rub or irritate any part of my feet.
  • They can be dressed up or dressed down.
  • These are workhorse (as opposed to special occasion) shoes.
  • There’s a slight heel for a little support.
  • The nude color is just what I was looking for.
  • The slim, silvery-bronze strap embellishment is minimal.

Worth. Every. Penny.

Admiring my AGL beauties.

The final test? I hoofed around in them (without sock liners) for ten hours–climbing stairways, running after the bus, scampering along several city blocks, the usual. At day’s end, my feet were completely unscathed: no heel pain, no cramped toes, no instep soreness, no abrasions anywhere. I’d say that’s walking the talk!

AGL shoes are available at Nordstrom. After buying your first pair, you automatically join The AGL Cult. I’m already eyeing more colors.

P.S. The three sisters behind the AGL brand were interviewed in February 2013 on “The Attilio Giusti Leombruni woman…is creative chic…[H]er personal style…[is] desirable but never showy. In our opinion, shoes should never be too trendy or flashy, but always classic.” I couldn’t agree more.

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