Are you wondering what pair of shoes ultimately won me over? Well, let me first say that during this process, I ran smack-dab into two truisms of life. Number One: as with almost everything, I had to compromise. I got the modern penny loafers I was seeking, but the shoes I bought are black, not the burgundy color I was originally hoping for. I also was expecting to buy either calfskin or patent leather; suede was never on my radar screen.

Number Two: as they say about obscenity, you just know it when you see it. This was the case with my shoes too. I slipped them on at Nordstrom, and they were like butter. My toes weren’t crammed into the toe box, and my heels didn’t slip out when I walked. They didn’t feel tight across the broadest part of my foot. The material was supple and soft. And perhaps I’m delusional, but I think they actually make my feet look narrower. Yes, they have contrast stitching, but it’s not Holly-Hobbie-ish or like thick yarn pulled through felt.

So without further ado [insert drum roll], these are my new shoes!

Anyi Lu Olivia flat in black suede. Price: $365.

Anyi Lu (not to be confused with Anya, the Season 9 winner of Project Runway) is an engineer and ballroom dancer who became a footwear designer. The brilliant construction of her shoes is illustrated on her website.

I love you, Anyi Lu.

Whew, I’m not going shoe shopping again for a very long time. And when I do, you can bet that I’m gonna check out more Anyi Lu styles first. Lesson learned.


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