September 4, 2014

NYC 2014: My Small Haul

With autumn just around the corner, you might assume I did some major damage fall fashion shopping in New York. Why, of course! I threw caution to the wind and bought this Prada coat that Anna Wintour has deemed a pivotal piece for the season:

Karlie Kloss wearing a boldly-patterned shearling coat by Prada. Yours for the taking at $7,850. (Photo via vogue.com)

What would Anna wear? Her “Letter from the Editor” in Vogue’s September issue.

Well, a girl can dream, right? Actually, I ended up buying a handful of cool, affordable souvenirsand had only one momentary lapse of reason. A rundown of my small New York haul:

Maid in Manhattan: At the Roger Hotel where I stayed my first night, I thought this maid service sign was the cutest thing. I politely asked the receptionist if I could take it home. Here it is hanging on my closet door.

Knot now: on the reverse side, the “do not disturb” message.

Totes ridic: this was the one instance where I lost my rational decision-making power. At Dover Street Market, they don’t sell colorful trinkets alongside thousand-dollar pants like they do at Opening Ceremony. So this Comme des Garçons nylon tote bag ($80) was literally the cheapest thing in the store. Buyer’s remorse? Not at all. I know, crazy.

Mug shot: I like the heft and simplicity of this mug from Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Showstopper: I love the design of this free brochure from the Whitney Museum.

One liners: I bought this utilitarian canvas bag with the Whitney’s subtle branding.

Snow bunnies: At the Morgan Library, I bought several postcards. One of my favorites is this Beatrix Potter illustration of Peter Rabbit.

Graceful mansion: a rendering from 1902 of the Morgan Library.

Graphic nature: While window shopping, this stunning butterfly-print skirt by Alice + Olivia caught my eye. But $400 for polyester? I’m not that batty.

So if you see me around sporting a bright yellow bag, please just reassure me that I look like a million bucks.

P.S. Check out this superb essay written by Mary H.K. Choi about why she bought a $4,000 Rick Owens leather jacket. This sentence sums it up: “The coat was the distillation of everything I’ve ever found seductive about not only living in New York but the prospect of belonging there, too.” Gee, now that Prada number is lookin’ downright reasonable!

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