Alexa Chung in Versace
July 2, 2011

Blues Clues?

My best friend Susan recently sent me an envelope full of articles, clippings and a short note. (Isn’t snail mail such a rare, unexpected joy?) On the reverse side of a profile of actor Tahar Rahim from the French movie “Un prophète,” Alexa Chung glared at me decked out in some fierce Versace:

Feline and fierce Alexa Chung in sharp aqua dress and crimson dominatrix heels by Versace. Red tights by Fogal.

The photo inspired me to try the same color combo the very next day, but in a much tamer, more practical way:

Rockin’ red and turquoise my own way: Kate Spade and American Apparel

Now before we wax on about this palette being some fresh, new, highfalutin concept, it occurred to me that the Smurfs have been rockin’ it since 1958:

Papa Smurf, a trendsetter?

They have a ridiculous new movie coming out this month too. So…is Donatella trying to emulate Smurfette? Here’s a possible clue:

Donatella as a blue coquette?


Flirty and frivolous Smurfette strikes a pose












Hmm, on second thought, she doesn’t need a cartoon muse; she’s the greatest caricature on her own!

Update on July 16, 2011: While standing in the grocery store checkout line today, I was flipping through the August issue of Bazaar when I saw it—Smurfette stars in a fashion story about fall’s best accessories!

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  1. Hahahaha, love this one!! Alexa Chung does look fierce.

  2. […] pretty and wearable (and it wasn’t till much later that I realized I had written about its color palette […]


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