This past Saturday, I was sitting at home with exactly six-and-a-half months’ experience as a homeowner and freaking out over Hurricane Sandy.*  To calm my nerves, I decided to watch some ridiculously wretched reality TV on Bravo: Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. One episode from Season 5 featured a hard-nosed Colombian client named Camilo. (OK, his nose is actually rather bulbous.)  I grabbed my phone and took a photo of our television screen. Why? Because Greasy Camilo, as the blog Curbed LA refers to him, bears an uncanny resemblance (save the arched eyebrows and chin dimple) to versatile actor Oliver Platt.

Wealthy dude Camilo on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing L.A.

Actor Oliver Platt. (I remember him best in older movies like “The Three Musketeers” and “Indecent Proposal.”)








Sidenote: I lucked out that both men are wearing a blue dress shirt and dark blazer!

IMDB link: Oliver Platt

* Personal update on Superstorm Sandy: I feel incredibly lucky that our house withstood Sandy’s forceful wind gusts and torrential rain. Our basement didn’t flood, our roof shingles stayed on, we never lost power, and nearby trees swayed but didn’t fall. The DC area escaped the worst of the storm, but it was a jaw-droppingly different story in New York and New Jersey.