OK, I’ll come clean: I have a minor addiction to HGTV. (Are you really surprised?) House Hunters, House Hunters International, Property Brothers, Selling New York—you name it, I’ve probably seen at least an episode or ten. The shows are an irresistible gateway drug for nesting junkies—a can’t-miss combo of aspirational, inspirational, practical, voyeuristic and entertaining stuff. So what if some of the content happens to be fake? That’s not gonna stop me from gawking at edgeless glass spa showers and vintage pendant lights. And if I ever lose my mind and decide to undertake a gut renovation, I’m gonna hire the Cousins on Call, one of whom is construction project manager Anthony Carrino. He looks exactly like a combo of two famous people. (Perhaps I should have labeled this post a Triple-Take. By the way, I’ve only done one other three-way.)

HGTV’s Anthony Carrino, co-host of the new show “Cousins on Call.”

Wouldn’t you agree that his face is a mash-up of George Clooney (I know, it’s sacrilegious to compare Gorgeous George to anyone) and far-from-the-A-list comedian/actor Joe Rogan?

The one and only George Clooney: Oscar-awarding-winning actor, director, producer, Sexiest Man Alive, humanitarian, ladies’ man extraordinaire.

Joe Rogan: I remember him best as the host of that low-brow, extreme game show “Fear Factor.”










IMDB links: George Clooney, Joe Rogan.